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Communication is the basic apparatus utilized for any movement to continue. Without this the undertaking or assignments are deficient. A standout amongst the most utilized and broad medium of communication is the mobile messages.

Most conversations are for the most part made through messages. Using spy Viber Nokia 6 on android, you can see the content of each message sent or received by Viber account holder that you are spying. Regardless of whether a message gets erased, despite everything will still access it your spy app account. The shots are excellent, well-resolved and well exposed as long as you work in good lighting conditions while at night the quality and definition falls but above all the sensor struggles to manage the light sources.

The monochromatic sensor is more of a whim than a real utility. The videos, on the other hand, are definitely good, the optical stabilization does an excellent job. The front chamber, also 13 Mpx, gives shots in the media with a good level of detail. Overall a very promoted sector but that fails to keep up with the top camera phone present in the market.

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Nokia 8 is a smartphone that did not want to forget the quality and reliability that made the legendary brand in telephone use. The reception reaches very high levels and the comfort in call is absolute thanks to the quality of the ear capsule.

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The operating system on board this smartphone is practically a stock version of Android with the addition of some applications eg camera and very few aesthetic changes. The coupled processor-software stock makes Nokia 8 one of the fastest smartphones I've ever had to try. The excellent work of the Finnish brand guarantees updates in a very short time. Thanks to Quick Charge Quick Charge 3.

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In conclusion, Nokia 8 is a smartphone that will accompany you in everyday use without creating any real limits in any operation, although it has not been able to match in some features the good done by other top range. Very satisfied with the phone, only minus is the camera that is a little bit too dull in poorer lighting conditions. Really nice that Nokia does not blow Android with more than one support application. I have the "dual-SIM" version of this phone, but since they are the same, I paste my review below: Update I have now driven Oreo for a week, and I have to say that I am ill impressed by the battery life.

I have also discovered that the bluetooth range is better than my previous phones. However, this is only anecdotal since I have not performed any controlled tests. The phone's overcome weakness is, according to me, the camera. I have now installed a faded version of Google's camera that is included in the Pixel phones and Nexus. The image algorithms on which the app is based actually makes a very big difference, and dark images look better with this app.

However, it's sad that one should take this step to be happy with the camera. Nokia claims that they will update the software and image quality in the future - if, when and how well it will be.

I plan to return with updated opinions if this happens. Update For two days I've been running Nokia's beta version of Android 8 Oreo at 8am and have to say that teams are impressed by the update. It's as stable as a sharp version, the fact is that I have not encountered any problem at all, not even with blue-eyed people that usually be a sensitive part.

In short, I'm impressed, Nokia! Needed to change when the 6P battery did not last longer. I chose between Nokia 8 and Oneplus 5, the choice fell on Nokian and so far I have not regrettably regretted me. The first thing that strikes me is how the phone actually gets. Compared to my previous phones, it is clear when browsing the browser, which previously has time to clean the pages, so Nokian delivers the pictures directly as long as the page has finished.

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As I said, the screen is very bright and so on this occasion I have never been in need of going close to the maximum. Pixel density is top so details are always sharp and nice. I was a little worried that I would not like the screen, I get from an OLED screen at the latest, no realizing that I do not look so much about how total black is included. The colors are strong even though it's an IPS and this is one of the better screens I've seen! On the front is also the fingerprint reader, this is unfortunately not one of the better I've tested.

However, it feels like it has started working better lately, so it can be a habit too.

Further to one of the most important things in a phone according to me - the camera. This point unfortunately makes me sad.

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Nokia's own camera app is a really reputable story, although it mostly produces really good results. The app is not very good looking at me and does not fit with the rest of the software at all. As I said, I am very pleased with the results that the camera produces, which is not in line with my previous 6P is the dark performance of the camera.