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Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8. The answer is YES. Best Flight Tracker: Live Tracking Maps, Flight Status.

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Close search. Generally Asian countries have very good coverage of Mhz. As long as Mhz is present in your destination country, then it is very likely that it will work. Please check this website link for a list of countries, operators and frequencies. Generally European countries have very good coverage of Mhz. Please contact our support team by email support spacetalkwatch.

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Q: How can I maximise the battery life? While the default location reporting interval is set to 15 minutes, changing it to 30 minutes or 1 hour will greatly extend the battery life. Q: How do I view the battery charge level? At the clock screen, swipe down on the touch screen to reveal the battery level, network signal strength, volume and brightness control.

Q: How do I charge the battery? You can check the battery level in a variety of ways. From the watch, swipe down at the clock screen to see the battery level. SIM Card. At the clock screen, swipe right to left to navigate to the Information menu icon and tap it.

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In the Information menu scroll to Phone Number. For a list of recommended SIM providers click here.

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How can I tell when the balance is low? These rejected messages are forwarded to the AllMyTribe app by our servers through in-app messaging. You will receive Alerts informing you if the balance is low. Q: How do I check the mobile network signal strength? Q: How can I check if the data connection is active? In the Information menu scroll down to network status.

The status should be "Connected". You can also scroll to the bottom of the information menu and tap "System upgrade". Check for a software update. After a short time if you get a message "No update found" or "Update found" then this is a good sign that the data connection is active. If you get a message "Connection error" this indicates there is no data connection.

Download and install the AllMyTribe app on your smartphone. Open the app and create a new AllMyTribe account.

If the phone number is valid, the Primary Account Holder will receive a notification and can authorise your access to view the watch. Primary Account Holder 1. On receipt of a sharing request, review carefully and then accept to authorise access. You can see a list of My Devices and also Shared Devices. Two-way calling. Parents and guardians can add contacts in the Settings menu of the app. They can also choose to block calls from unknown numbers.

Q: How do I answer a call? A green 'answer' button or red 'reject' button will be displayed. The ring volume level can be adjusted or even muted. Q: How do I make a call? Outgoing calls are limited to the list of contacts set up by the guardian using the AllMyTribe App. Tap on Call to select from a list of contacts that your child is permitted to call. In the AllMyTribe app settings menu under Contact List, there is an option to block calls from unknown numbers. This is set by default but guardians can choose to disable this feature to allow all incoming calls.

For example, parents may choose to enable the step counter feature, while disabling the ability to make and receive calls. The enable features setting is found within the settings tab in your AllMyTribe app.

All features are pre-selected as disabled. Q: How do I use Location on Demand? Location on Demand is available from version 3. In your AllMyTribe app, you can find a new radar button at the top right of the map on the Location tab. Soon, you'll have the most up-to-date location of your child. SOS alert. In the AllMyTribe app Settings menu, under Contact list, select a previously added contact and then mark this contact as an Emergency contact. At the top of the screen, tap on Edit. Then tap and drag a contact in the list to change the sequence.

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Step counter. Q: How do I reset the step count? Tap this icon and scroll down to Step Reset. Tap Step Reset and tap OK. Q: How to set the step count goal? Step count goals can be set from the AllMyTribe app. Go to Steps in the app, and at the top right hand corner, click Goal. Once a message is received your child has the option to call the message sender back. In the AllMyTribe app from version 3. Q: How do I check a previously received incoming message? Q: How do I recieve Operator messaging e. The message contents can be viewed in the Alerts within the AllMyTribe app.

Q: How do I check the weather? Tap this icon and it will show the weather now, hourly and daily forecast. Parents can also check the weather at their child's location by tapping on the weather icon in the top right hand corner of the Location tab in their AllMyTribe app. What should I do? After reading through the FAQ's if you are still experiencing a problem, please visit the Troubleshooting page for further guidance and directions.

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If further assistance is needed please contact our customer support team. Privacy and Security. Q: Is my data safe? Our systems incorporate industry best practice data security throughout and cannot be hacked or spoofed like other products in this category. Data stored on our servers is encrypted and hosted in government and bank grade security centres in the Australia.

We also utilise two-factor authentication in the device pairing process. MGM has built a reputation for the highest-level data security and privacy through its schools business unit.

Permanently unlock Vodafone Australia iPhone

We are fully GDPR compliant and are constantly updating our systems and practices to ensure our users' data security and privacy. Our full privacy policy can be downloaded from the download section located in our Support pages. The Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA are responsible for setting standards that all mobile communication products must be tested against. There are very strict international standards which govern the amount of radiation exposure against defined limits.

Australia is among 40 other countries that adopt high standards designed to reduce exposure to harmful radiation. SAR is among one of the very important tests that must be completed in order to be able place the Australian Regulatory Compliance mark shown below on our product. As a publicly listed company, MGM Wireless has responsibility to conduct very thorough due-diligence on every product we offer for sale. Tap on the Settings menu icon and scroll down to Reset Watch. From software version 1. Q: How do I check for firmware updates?

However, if you wish to manually check for updates, scroll to the Information icon and tap. Scroll down and tap on System upgrade. Q: How do I change the watch face? Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are also entitled to choose a refund or replacement for major failures with goods.

If a failure with the goods or a service does not amount to a major failure, you are entitled to have the failure rectified in a reasonable time.