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Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8. The answer is YES. Best Flight Tracker: Live Tracking Maps, Flight Status.

Select your contact image, and finally click on "Share Indefinitely".

5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

This will give you complete access to the other person's phone. Accept their location sharing request on your phone. Then select "don't share" when it says whether you would also like to share your location. You'll get real-time updates about where they are and where they have been.

You can set up certain locations so that you are notified if they enter or exit them. Thanks to FamiSafe parental control app , you can rest easy. You can set smart control schedules by combining geo-fencing and app blocking features.

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Next, let us look at how you can go about location tracking on the iPhone using the FamiSafe software. Install the application both on the target device and your phone. You can get it from the Appstore. Step 2: Once installed on your iPhone, create an account by signing up. Then on the target device, sign into the FamiSafe account and fill the identity as Kid. Step 3: Remember to activate FamiSafe on the target gadget. You need to install a mobile management file and allow necessary permission on the iOS device.

Step 4: Now, when you are over with the installation processes, sign in to the FamiSafe account on your device. FamiSafe automatically syncs with the target device. Once the setting-up and customization are complete, you can sit back and let the app be your third eye concerning all activity on the target device.

With it, you can track real-time location and their location history. Besides, you can apply with geo-fencing to create the safety zone against your kids surrounding. Follow up any unusual activity on their device. Plus, be careful not to affect the physical relationship you have with your kid negatively.

Consistently stay in touch with them on a personal and physical level. Online tools offer you the service of locating your iPhone by its phone number; they also give you certain other features like:. One such tool is the GPS CellPhone Locator which is a website that can help track iPhone by number for you; it has database of almost all countries and, hence, you can operate it from anywhere in the world without any worries. Firstly, you need to locate your device's IMEI number, for that, follow the given steps. There are some steps that you can take which will enable you to find the device quickly.

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However, for most steps, the "Location" option on your iPhone should have been kept in the enabled mode. Read on further to see the steps that can help track iPhone location using iCloud. Go to www. You will be directed to your account's dashboard. Click on "All Devices" and select your missing device.

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen

It will start tracking your device and will show its location if it is successful in tracking it. You can also enable the "Lost Mode" option on your iPhone which will lock your device and can show a message, which you can customize, that might be helpful if someone finds it and wants to return it to you. Say, for example, your iPhone got stolen and someone switched off the location services, then also, there is a way to track your phone. For the simply, enable the "Lost Mode" on your iPhone by signing-in to your iCloud account. This will activate the location services on your phone even if the distance between you and the device is a hundred miles, all it needs is that device should be connected with the internet.

You can then track the phone remotely. We have already seen that there are numerous ways in which you can track iPhone location, like, by using phone number, IMEI number or by making use of the Apple-provided tools and applications, like, the Find My Phone program.

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However, apart from these options, there are some methods that can provide you effective access to the data stored on your phone which help prevent anybody from misusing it. One of the most useful recommendations, in this case, is the FoneMonitor tool that helps in accessing data stored on your device. It's a safe Android and iOS device monitoring software that can be used only for the exact purpose of parental control of their kids, by employers to monitor the devices that belong to them as well as on which the employees work, or by you when you have a consent of the device owner.

That could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator if you failure to do so and it is likely to result in violation of applicable law. That would be better to consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it.

FoneMonitor would not be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can FoneMonitor provide legal advice regarding the use of the software. Sign Up.

Track Your Apple Device Easily With iPhone Tracker App

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How to Send Your Location Using Your iPhone

Remotely Track an iPhone in 4 Ways 3. Track iPhone from Android Device 4.

How To Find Anyone's Location With A iPhone (very easy)

Track Text Messages on iPhone 5. Track My Girlfriend's iPhone Track an iPhone without Permission How to Track an iPhone Without an App Top 7 Apps to Track Keystrokes on iPhone Slide the Find My iPhone switch to the On position. If you like, enable Send Last Location, which will — as the name suggests — report your phone's last location before the battery dies. In the eventuality that your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can quickly track it either via iCloud.

In both cases, the process is essentially the same, though it may look a little different. From a Web browser, go to iCloud. Login with your iCloud account — this should be the same iCloud account that you're logged into on your lost iPhone. Select the iOS device that's missing. Use the map controls to pan around and zoom in on the phone's location , just as you would in any mapping application.

In the iOS app, tap Actions to bring up a menu of options. Tap the Play Sound button to have your iPhone sound an alert even if it's currently muted to make sure you haven't mislaid your phone within earshot. If the phone is well and truly lost, tap the Lost Mode button to make sure it's locked down. Enter a contact number where someone who might find the phone can reach you , and click Next. Remember not to use your iPhone's number! Type a quick message to whoever might pick up the phone, and click Done. If the iPhone has a passcode — and you've put a passcode on your iPhone, right?

iPhone real time location tracking Apps

Otherwise, you'll be asked to enter a code to secure it. If you have Apple Pay enabled on the phone, it's suspended. The lock screen of the iPhone will display the message and phone number you chose, along with a button that lets someone call that number.