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I gently point this fact out to them, and then mention that their secret keeping might actually be designed to protect themselves and their illicit behavior.

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Why would they? They would act in the open from the start.

Before the Internet, defining sexual infidelity was pretty easy: If a guy was having sex outside of his monogamous relationship, he was cheating. Sometimes therapists had to explain that yes, oral sex still counts as sex See: Clinton, Bill , as do hand jobs, heavy petting, and even just kissing. However, digital technologies have blurred the once-clear line between monogamy and cheating: Is chatting with an ex-girlfriend on social media cheating? Does the content of those chats matter? Are you cheating if you set up a profile on an infidelity site like Ashley Madison, even if you never do more than look around?

Is masturbating to online pornography a form of cheating? What about if there's a live person at the other end of a webcam? A few years ago, in an attempt to provide clarity in regard to digital-age sexuality and its place in the cheating spectrum, Jennifer Schneider, Charles Samenow, and I conducted a survey of women whose husbands were engaging in significant amounts of extramarital sexual activity, either online or in the real world. It's the constant lying, emotional distancing, and loss of trust that hurts.

For most betrayed partners, the emotional betrayal associated with sexual infidelity is more painful and longer-lasting than the physical betrayal. Based on these conclusions, I have formulated the following digital-age definition of cheating:. One of the reasons I like this definition is that it encompasses both online and in-the-flesh activity, as well as sexual and romantic activities that stop short of intercourse.

Further, the definition is flexible depending on the couple. In other words, it allows you and your partner to define your own version of sexual fidelity based on honest discussions and mutual decision making. This means that it may be acceptable for each of you to look at porn or engage in some other form of extramarital sexual activity so long as your partner knows about the behavior and is OK with it. So, are you deliberately keeping sexual or romantic secrets from your partner? If so, you are cheating. In this capacity, he has established and overseen addiction and mental health treatment programs for more than a dozen high-end treatment facilities including Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu and Los Angeles, The Ranch in rural Tennessee, and The Right Step in Texas.

For more information please visit his website. Any woman that insists that porn or flirting is the same as having sex is an idiot and he should just leave her. This all shows the selfish nature of males anyhow.

They come home later

I wonder what their little egos would think if wifey was having fun. Unfortunately most everything pornwise is made for males. So I guess the women have to find real playmates, BTW not hard to do. Actually, even easier for men -- escorts. A quick phone call to the right escort agency and you can have sex with an attractive woman in less than an hour in a safe context.

Not sure if women can really pull that off quite as quickly and safely.

The 5 People Your Spouse Is Most Likely to Cheat With

Even considering escort services which are readily available to any guy with the money, at the end of the day, they still bear the burden of paying for it. All you need to do is stop saying no, stop rejecting the many men who try with you on a regular basis. Just saying. Kind of like the dog who thinks humans have an easier time finding a good steak -- hey it's right in the fridge, entirely forgetting that the human had to go to a job and earn the money to buy the steak, etc.

No, it's not, actually. Because any sane woman needs to calculate the RISK at a level very few men would need to in most situations. Sure, that would be true for a brainless woman who isn't concerned about her health and well-being.

11 Simple Tips To Cheat On Your SO And Actually Get Away With It

Because a woman is not going to rape a man, even if she's a stranger. You get that don't you? What part of that is hard to understand? In fact, women are likely to gain access to resources even through casual hook ups. Unsurprisingly, nobody takes me up on this. And why would they? They would be out in the open right from the start. The author apparently hasn't allowed for what a lot of long-term couples in sexless marriages have adopted, namely what Dan Savage calls the don't-ask-don't-tell arrangement where the couple wants to stay together for other reasons, but the sex or some other aspect of the marriage is something one spouse no longer wants to provide, or they don't want with each other.

In such a case, there's an understanding that information is being withheld. The author wrongly implies that if an activity isn't actively reported to the spouse, then it's "illicit cheating" regardless. If I'm no longer interested in sex, but my wife wants to have flings and I don't mind, it's not cheating if I allow her to do it but tell her I really don't want a detailed reported every time it happens.

Many long-term couples have arrangements like this. The author may not think so, because in many cases when the agreement is sincere and the relationship is otherwise good, such people don't show up on therapy. In other words, it allows you and your wife to define your own version of sexual fidelity based on honest discussions and mutual decision making. This means that it may be acceptable for you to look at porn or to engage in some other form of extramarital sexual activity so long as your wife knows about this behavior and is OK with it. Did you not read this part?

As long as it's mutually agreed on! I think that covers your point! You don't mind. She doesn't tell. You've mutually agreed on it. I did read that part and it doesn't fit. The disinterested partner says, "I'm done with sex and don't want to talk about it. Not exactly what you'd call "honest discussion and mutual decision making.

What you need to realize is that many relationships are doing well even if they don't have the model therapy-recommended hour-long totally open soul-baring mutual decision making discussions. Sometimes the discussion is just a single word, "Whatever", indicating that the other party can deal with it themselves and they're not going to be questioned on it. A lot depends on knowing the other person well in a long-term relationship. So that doesn't meet the definition set forth by the author. But they happen for real. The other poster here makes an excellent comment about the opposite situation, that someone flaunting extramarital sex is making NO secret of it, but that's not cheating by the author's definition?!

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